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08 April 01:19pm #1
filesduniya  filesduniya
Post: 6
Who will buy my wapkiz site?

Am selling it.

Price: 5k
Domain: [url=files.mobi.ng]files.mobi.ng[/url]
Domain old: 1 month.

Who is interested?.
01 January 12:00am #2
Lordbright  Lordbright
Post: 123
@filesduniya am sorry for what i
said concerning ur site price, i was just joking, to post site link [url=http://ur sitelink.com]site name[ /url]
Edited Lordbright (06 August 12:49pm) [1]
Thanks: filesduniya,
01 January 12:00am #3
filesduniya  filesduniya
Post: 6
Price is too low.And please how can i post link on waphelp?
07 August 06:58am #4
IamSajib  IamSajib
Post: 7
Why html code is not work on kizforum.info?
07 August 11:40am #5
Lordbright  Lordbright
Post: 123
@IamSajib this Is a paid host site and the admin must have set it for html not to be allowed.
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