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downCheck Out This Nairaland Cloned Wapkiz Site!
27 October 09:41am #1
djchrisblack  djchrisblack
Post: 10
Yeah i cloned nairaland.com check it at www.nairaland.wapkiz.com
what do u think?
27 October 05:24pm #2
ojbest  ojbest
Post: 12
And you are bragging of that? Hmm, well, you have done well! But i think doing yours from scratch would have been better. I mean, I am a guy that believe in creativity! Check my hand work via (Www.bestforum.wapkiz.com) even though it still underconstruction... I always enjoy what i do myself. Hey! No offence, Buddy
28 October 10:02am #3
djchrisblack  djchrisblack
Post: 10
Ahh creativity Empty forum ni!
I rep www.flobaze.com
28 October 05:33pm #4
ojbest  ojbest
Post: 12
@djchrisblack empty forum? Maybe you didn't login datz...try to login/register and see what i mean by creativity!. Your site is not bad
04 July 09:40pm #5
Scihub  Scihub
Post: 5
Well talk I rep ios.aino.pk
Check out
05 August 01:29pm #6
Lordbright  Lordbright
Post: 155
Nice work!
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